Between 2 Worlds


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thatxvfan Ohshitdamnvro Ground.0 literally hit me to the ground Favorite track: Ground.0.
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KangaeSugiru Rich and colorful
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JohnK This entire track was beautiful. Delay perfectly fuses organic and futuristic sounds to get this unique vibe. You can definitely feel the Asian esque feel in this song via the shakuhachi. Then there's the beautiful chords from the epiano. Fusing two parts of him to make one whole. He's no longer between two worlds, he's apart of
both. He leaves a piece of him wherever he goes. Favorite track: Shakuhachi Flow.
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We all live different lives and we all see the world in a different way. In this life I feel like I don’t belong anywhere, but rather live in between two worlds. This used to upset me, but not anymore. I’m half black and half asian. What made me upset was that I never really had the feeling that I was part of one of the cultures. I’m always stuck in between two worlds. The reason why it upset me is because both races didn’t see me as authentic. This feeling of being stuck in between two worlds always haunted me. Should I follow a save path and go to school, or pursue my dreams in music fulltime? Should I neglect the wants of my parents, who worked very hard to give me a shot at a decent life, or trust my gut and follow the things my heart yearns?

Not knowing exactly what you want or have to do in life makes you hesitant. Being stuck in one place is the result of it. If you wait too long decisions will be made for you by circumstances around you. I reached a point in life where it feels like all or nothing with this music thing. At 20 years old I’m at my crossroads and my parents want to see me walk on a path to success. I want to show them that I can and will be successful with my music. Question is, how can I be successful with music? Should I make music that’s easy to digest for a bigger audience or go all out without boundaries? Should I make organic sounding music or futuristic type of music? Should I make music to express my anger and frustration or to show the love and emotion I’ve experienced in my past? In the end I decided to do it all.

This LP showcases a contrast between organic instruments and futuristic sounds that take you on a trip to outer space. You can hear a contrast between an innocent oriental sound and vibe, to a grittier sound with familiar southern-trap influences.

With this project I want to show the world that even if you’re not sure about your place in life, you still can get things done. The fact that it takes me a while to make up my mind has worked against me a lot of times. Some say being a perfectionist is a good thing, but to me it’s the definition of being insecure about your craft. Being hesistant got me this far though and that’s why I accepted being this way, even though it can be a curse. My love for music is so big that I want to do it forever, sometimes it can be really frustrating. I want to be able to do music full-time for the rest of my life, reality is that you won’t be able to do that without at least a little succes. Reality is, bills have to get paid. The thing is, I’m not craving succes for the fame and fortune. I just want to make music for the rest of my life and if that means I have to be succesful to get there, I will get there. At times it feels like you’re totally unheard though, yet your love and passion keep you going.

This is another shout into the space that we call the universe, trying to get heard. If you feel this project, my art and this story in general, shout with me.

Between 2 Worlds by DELAY.


released July 27, 2017



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DELAY. The Netherlands

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Track Name: Ground.0
AKIRA: Shohmyoh